5 Common Excuses NOT to Exercise; Malaysian Style

I have taken time to listen and put out a survey to find out what the main reasons people give not to exercise. Well here are my findings:

1. NO TIME (Most common)

I bet most of you reading this post would just automatically agree with this excuse because you feel that it is rather ‘relevant’ to you. Well, my take on this would be that exercising for general health is not just about taking your time out to go to gym and run in the field; it is also a question of lifestyle.

Most Malaysians choose to be lazy over everything (Sometimes I am too *wink*). For example, if you work on the second floor of a building, TAKE THE STAIRS! It is very common to see people willing to wait for the lift just to go up to the first floor. Another example would be we would rather spend time waiting for parking or waste petrol turning numerous rounds the parking lot just to find that ‘perfect spot’ nearest to the entrance; come on, just park somewhere slightly further and walk!


Exercise merely requires commitment and mental preparation. You don’t have to spend hundreds just to buy all sorts of exercise equipments, its about just walking out of your house and getting your body moving, heck you can even do some indoor exercises at home! Another thing is, a healthy body keeps your pockets wealthy too; you spend less on going to the clinic and medicine (its cool to have common sense).


The idea of exercising is not about hurting yourself and the pain you feel through exercising is just an indication that you REALLY did exercise. But don’t go and push yourself till you break a bone or tear a ligament. Know your limits but if you want results, you have no choice but to push. After recovery, the freshness and feeling you’ll get will surpass all the pain and the pain would be worth it, believe me. If you don’t want results, then easy, just sleep and eat and sleep and eat (real productive).


Achieving results require meeting some fundamentals. Be realistic, eat well, do the correct training, be patient and PUSH yourself!!(jogging 30 minutes a day is not pushing yourself!) If you didn’t fulfil any ONE of these fundamentals, then scrap this excuse out of your brain and try harder.


This is a common misconception people have towards exercising. Exercise is not just about losing weight or getting a smoking hot body, most importantly exercise is key in keeping your body healthy. I won’t debate with anyone if you are happy with how you look and I very much respect that, but please understand that the need to exercise is mainly to keep you healthy and help you live longer.

My overall view on this is that, there is actually no excuse when it comes to exercising. It is only whether you want to do it or not; it is a yes or no question with no further elaboration needed. So take your pick and go with it =)


2 thoughts on “5 Common Excuses NOT to Exercise; Malaysian Style

  1. Yep! Its common sense like you said – Human beings tend to avoid pain. So, by even painting the visual image of the workouts we need to do in our minds, we already made a barrier (a.k.a excuses) Sometimes, for our own good, its better to just do it and then think about it later.

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