1st step to your desired body -Realistic Fitness Goals-

I have alot of people coming up to me talking about how they want to lose weight, buff up, tone their body, lose their dangling belly etc. However, a lot of times failure can begin even before the workout; it begins when unrealistic goals are being set.What and how are unrealistic goals being made? Be my guest and scroll further down my post to find out.

These are few goals made by my real life clients and how I see it to be a problem even before we start training.

I WANT TO GO GYM EVERYDAY!! (Unrealistic for a sedentary individual with no knowledge of the gym)

There are 2 main issues to this goal. Well firstly for those who have no knowledge about the gym and are sedentary, going to the gym EVERYDAY with no idea what to do will not accomplish anything. What workout are you going to do everyday? How many sets? Intervals? How long are you going to workout? All these questions need an answer before you even go to the gym! The solution to this; GET A PERSONAL TRAINER!!

Secondly, working out everyday is not the key factor in attaining the results you desire as our bodies would need time to recover and rest. Overdoing something is never good unless you are already very good in programming your workouts.


Oh my, I get this A LOT. It is crucial to realise that the healthy weight loss rate is around 0.5-1.5kg per week. It takes most people a lifetime to accumulate their body weight and you want to lose a chunk of it within a month?! Weight loss is a massive battle of diet and proper workouts; lay your hands off those slimming products and just start hoping on the treadmill. The key is to be patient, no short-cuts!!


The danger to this goal is that the older you are and the longer you have not been actively involved in sports, the harder it is for you to return to your younger state of fitness level; sometimes quite impossible. Most of my clients will tell me, “I used to be my school’s football player!” or “I used to run for my school!” and based on that they think that they could just hop straight back into training as an extremely athletic person. Remember this, look at ourselves as cars, the older we get the more time we need to heat up our engines; we can never compare the explosive performance of an older car to a new car. So what do you do about this? Well firstly, you must set a fitness goal based on your current age and not attempt to travel back in time and return to your fitness level 10 years ago. Take it easy in training, slow and steady will win the race.


My personal view is that the key to setting a realistic goal is to be logical, specific and rational. Don’t set a goal too big for you to grasp and don’t set a goal that is not time bound. So basically stay motivated, begin slow, push yourself to your individual limits, build consistency, be disciplined and DON’T TRY TO BE SUPERMAN!

**If you are not certain about how realistic your fitness goals are, feel free to discuss it with me**

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