I want those Abs!!! Li’s AbsWork 101

Have you been devotedly doing hundreds of crunches EVERYDAY without much results? Little do most people realise that the flat and toned abs they so desire has little to do with lack of abdominal training. It is mainly about burning that stubborn layer of fat between the abs and skin.

Are crunches basically a waste of time?

Crunches are not a waste of time as I believe that it does help burn fats around the stomach. But most importantly crunches and abdominal exercise builds stronger abdominal muscles which would help in sculpting those abs. But for a 6 pack to be visible, initial focus should be given more on burning fats through aerobics and cardio exercises.


Well sadly, it is not quite possible to spot reduce fat as it is determined by individual genetics. It means that as long as you burn those calories and create a calorie deficit (burn more than you consume), your body will naturally remove fat everywhere including the abs.

Li’s ABS WORK 101

In the last week of December 2011, I programmed a one hour training routine which combines cardio, interval and abdominal exercises to target fats around the stomach and build a stronger core.

It was an intense five day workout which pushes the trainees to their limits.

Some of the trainees





Congrats to all the trainees who pulled through “Abs work 101”!! Hope to see you guys in the next workout programme, “Beach Body Frenzy” every Saturday or Sunday night.

The conclusion for beautiful abs

Literally “No pain no gain” ; with PAIN you will not GAIN that extra weight. Cheers~

Take note:

1. Design a well programmed workout with not only crunches but also include cardio training. Interval training may be very effective as well.

2. Take good care of what you eat; create a calorie deficit.

**To those interested to sign up in my weekly group class, “Beach Body Frenzy” every Saturday or Sunday night, please visit http://www.facebook.com/events/140659386047700/ or leave me a comment here**


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