What am I? Know your Body Type!!

Ever wondered why some people gain weight easily even if that person doesn’t eat much? Or why some people could never gain any weight even if they try eating alot? Well generally, we have different body types. Some will have problems gaining weight while some won’t be able to shed any weight, some could even pull off a bikini body by not working hard at all! (I know…that is so unfair)

In my opinion, it is relatively important to be aware of your body type, so that you can design a training programme accordingly. Put it this way, knowing your body type is like planning for war.

You must first identify the battle you are about to engage in. Set goals that are align with what your body needs. Do you need to do more weight training? or maybe more aerobics?

Well basically there are 3 body types


Lightly muscled
Small joints/boned
Lowbody fat (without exercise or following low calorie diets)
small shoulders,chest & buttocks
long arms & legs
Gaining weight, strength & muscle mass.
Ectomorphs should maintain consistent nutrition and focus on weight training to promote muscle mass. Consistency is the key in an ectomorph’s training. Once you stop, you shrink!!
Smooth, round body
Gains muscle easily but tends to be underdeveloped
medium-large joints/bones
High levels of body fat (tend to be overweight)
Small shoulders, high waist and large hips creating a pear-shaped physique
Difficult to loose body fat
Losing fat would be the endomorph’s life long battle.
Take extra caution in calorie intake. Combine weight training and cardio (eg. jogging, swimming & cycling) effectively. Muscle gain may be easier but losing fat can be super duper hard. Cardio training/aerobics should be your soulmate in training, break up with them and you’ll fall into a ‘fat’ depression.
Naturally lean
Naturally muscular
Medium sized joints/bones
Naturally strong
Broad/Square shoulders
Body fat evenly distributed
The mesomorph does not face a significant problem as they can naturally gain or lose weight with relative ease.
The mesomorph should have a good balance in weight and cardio trainings depending on individual goals. If muscle gain is the goal, then weight training is your main companion while cardio fits in for weight loss goals.
Well, knowing what your body type is a good guideline to what your training should be based on. However my simple view is that the basics are still generally the same for everyone; once you get into a training programme, stick to it and eat healthy. Every training will have some effect on your body but it must be done.
So, stop blaming everything on genetics and just hit the gym; hit the gym for the workout, not the sauna.
-If anyone needs some opinions on designing their training programmes, feel free to ask me anytime- 

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