Only in Sabah

It is hilarious how the simplest mistakes on the use of words can be a huge entertainment. The following images are all taken truly in our beloved Sabah, I know that this has nothing much to do with health share, but if it puts a smile on your face, then that’s healthy.I have always advised my clients that I train not to take too much ketchup and sauce as it is filled with sodium and preservatives. However I have no idea that there is ‘cum sauce’ in the market now. Maybe it’s healthier because it is natural?

So I guess that it would be fine for humans to throw trash in that area right?

I am more amazed with the fact that those people actually took the time to cut out the letters one by one to stick onto that sign; now, that is what I call commitment. If more people have that kind of commitment in exercising then battling high blood pressure would be so much easier.

Keep your eyes open! There are lots more of those ridiculous stuff out there! SNAP & SHARE folks~


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